20.03. General planning in Russia and the Moscow river project

(english lecture)

After the revolution a general planning process started in Moscow in the 1920ies. Over the years several plans were developed. Some of the main principles and guidelines changed during the process. Kseniia Mezenina, until 2018 responsible for urban transformation in some areas of Moscow in the GenPlanInstitute, talks about the history and actual problems from the view of the institute, which develops the official planning for Moscow. She also informs about one of the most interesting projects: the Moscow river project. In the 19th century the river banks were transformed into industrial areas. After the end of the industrial usage the project for transformation started with an international competition. So we’ll also be informed about the actual situation in the transformation process.


Kseniia Mezenina | MSc in Urban Planning, Novaya Zemlya, Moscow



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18.30 Uhr